10 days

If passed, our proposal for $15/hour will be the biggest victory for working people in the Twin Cities in decades. Raising the minimum wage has been an uphill battle, but our broad movement has pulled $15/hour from an isolated call to a central issue in 2017 Minneapolis.

This fight isn’t over. City Council’s proposal includes a carve-out for young workers, and it grants some of the richest corporations in the country a 5-year phase in.

While the current proposal being discussed in City Hall includes a larger increase in the first year for big business, which means thousands of workers would immediately see raises, the Chamber of Commerce has proven they will fight to water down this proposal. And we know they still have plenty of allies inside City Hall. Wealth inequality is at a historic high -- big businesses like McDonald’s and Target can pay $15 Now! 

Our movement can win the strongest possible $15 passes with the same method that put $15 on the agenda in the first place: grassroots, independent, worker-led organizing.

With only 10 days left before the final vote, our organizing is urgent.

Join us on Thursday afternoon, anytime: Tell city council that Minneapolis workers need $15/hr NOW with no carve-outs!

A $15/hr minimum wage would raise wages for over 71,000 Minneapolis low-wage workers and transfer an estimated $140 million/year directly from Minnesota’s most profitable corporations to workers.

With our powerful movement, we defeated pre-emption at the state level, despite business interests like the Minnesota Restaurant Association and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s massive resources and anti-worker lobbying. We made $15 possible, despite the City Council majority bending to big business pressure and blocking our proposal from voters last year.

Now, let’s join with working people in Minneapolis to make $15/hour a reality, no carve-outs or exemptions!