2018: The Year We Win $15 in St Paul!

On January 1st, thousands of workers in Minneapolis are getting a raise! That's the product of years of workers and community organizing to overcome the barriers that corporations and the establishment in City Hall put up. #15forMpls is a huge victory for the working class, and we should celebrate as Minneapolis begins the phase-in to $15/hour.

2018: The Year We Win $15 in St Paul!

January 3rd, 6:30-8pm-- pizza provided

East Side Freedom Library (1105 Greenbrier)

Workers in St Paul aren't far behind. Over the last year, fast food workers went on strike demanding $15/hour, Teamster Nutrition Service workers picketed the St Paul School Board for $15 and fair raises, and workers from diverse low-wage industries have taken a public stand for $15/hour across the city. The nurses and teachers unions have spoken out about the educational and public health impacts of poverty wages, and renters rallied for affordable housing, demanding living wages and lower rents to end the affordable housing crisis. In November, St Paul elected Melvin Carter III, the most vocally pro-15 candidate, by a landslide to be our next mayor.

There's a clear mandate for $15 in St Paul! But if the movement in Minneapolis showed us anything, it's that bold policies like $15 can only be won through relentless organizing on the ground. The Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Restaurant Association will use their billions in the back rooms of City Hall to slow, delay, and weaken the minimum wage however they can. We have to hold Mayor Carter to his word and the City Council accountable!!

Join us for a community meeting to build the movement for $15. Let's make 2018 the year we win $15/hour in St Paul!!