4 Mayoral Candidates Pledge to Fight for 15 for St Paul

In three weeks, St Paul will elect a new mayor. The new mayor will have the opportunity to heed the call of workers organizing for $15 and craft a policy that ends poverty wages in St Paul, giving thousands a workers a raise… or not.

Melvin Carter, Dai Thao, Elizabeth Dickinson, and Trahern Crews have signed cards pledging to fight for $15/hour for all workers in St Paul with not carve-outs or exemptions.

Candidates love to say they support raising the wage, but not all can commit to leading on a policy that ensures a $15 minimum wage for all workers in St Paul with no exemptions. These details matter-- they translate directly into the number of families left in poverty. The more we organize and build public pressure, the stronger candidates must be on the details of $15 in St Paul.

With mayoral candidates pledging their support for our movement, it’s time to amp up our movement for $15/hour in St PaulWith 40% of St Paul living in poverty, we must organize and fight to pass a policy that matches the historic $15 municipal minimum wage in Minneapolis. Winning #15forSTP would build the Minneapolis victory into a pattern and advance the Fight for 15 across the country!