15 Now Minnesota is an independent grassroots movement fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for every worker in the Twin Cities. Through years of rallies and strikes, Minneapolis workers won the first $15 minimum wage in the Midwest despite big business opposition and inertia in the political establishment. Now workers in St. Paul are organizing to do the same. The rent won’t wait! Volunteer and donate today!

We and our partners are fighting to win a $15 minimum wage in Minnesota. Will you join us?

DC Voters Eliminate Tip Penalty

Nearly 30,000 workers will get a raise thanks to a grassroots movement for One Fair Wage that overcame aggressive corporate lobbying.

The tipped minimum wage will increase from $3.33 to $15 over the next eight years. This is a huge victory for tipped workers in the nation’s capital, who are disproportionately women and people of color and experience poverty at nearly twice the rate of the city average.

The National Restaurant Association used the same corporate lobbying strategies as always to spread fear and confusion about the impacts of raising the wage. But voters saw through the corporate-backed fear-mongering and asserted a clear mandate for One Fair Wage that doesn’t leave tipped workers behind.

The political climate is shifting nationally as the public says NO to the anti-worker tip penalty. While DC tipped workers look forward to their first raise, tipped workers in New York and Michigan are organizing to do the same. Our grassroots movement is overcoming corporate money to win real policy change for working people!

Saint Paul should celebrate and uphold our One Fair Wage policy as we raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. Within the national context, it would be a huge step backward for Saint Paul to implement a tip penalty. Local tipped workers have shown that we will mobilize in our workplaces and in the streets to defend and expand the policies we need. 

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