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Mitra Win in Ward 4 Highlights Further Mandate by Voters for $15 One Fair Wage

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Saint Paul 15 Now Coalition Congratulates Mitra Nelson on Election Win, Highlight Further Mandate by Voters for $15 One Fair Wage

Saint Paul -- Following Mitra Nelson's win in the race for St. Paul City Council Ward 4, the 15 Now coalition congratulated Nelson on her win and highlighted how voters, once again, have shown a clear preference for a candidate who strongly and clearly called for St. Paul to raise the minimum wage to $15 with no tip penalty, no carve-outs, and no exemptions. Nelson was a clear supporter of $15 One Fair Wage throughout her campaign. Her victory is consistent with the 2017 Mayoral election where 98% of voters cast ballots for candidates who publicity supported the Fight for $15 in St. Paul.

Sarah Kopp-Reddy, a server in Ward 4, congratulated Nelson on her victory. “As a lifelong resident of Saint Paul and a strong advocate of $15 One Fair Wage, I am extremely excited to work with Mitra going forward to make Ward 4 an even stronger and more beautiful place to live and work. Mitra understands the importance of a strong community and the benefits to all of working to reduce poverty rates and supporting people in growing and thriving.”

The St. Paul City Council are planning to begin debating the details of raising the city's minimum wage in early September. Mayor Carter has stated his desire to sign a bill starting the phase-in to $15 by the end of this year. There has been a strong community push to ensure no working families are carved out of the policy and a desire to make the policy as strong or stronger than as the recently enacted Minneapolis $15 minimum wage.


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