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Two MSP Airport Workers Appointed to Metropolitan Airport Commission

Congratulations to Ibrahim Mohammad and Dixie Hoard, two rank-and-file airport workers appointed to the Metropolitan Airport Commission by Governor Dayton. Governor Dayton, SEIU Local 26 and numerous leaders from the East African community recognized Ibrahim Mohammad, a low-wage Air Serv worker, at the Brian Coyle Center last Tuesday.

“My main goal on the MAC is to raise wages at the airport,” Mohammad said. “I am here to give a voice to the voiceless but I can’t do it alone. We need to raise wages, workers together.”

Governor Dayton echoed Mohammad’s concern about poverty pay at MSP airport, and sharply called on the MAC to take action.

Workers have won paid sick leave, and one sub-contractor, Primeflight, had raised wages to $15/hour! Appointing two workers onto the MAC commission is a step toward giving workers a voice at the airport, and indicates the MAC and MSP sub-contractors feels pressure from demonstrations like the one involving hundreds of workers and supporters on December 5th.
Victories at MSP – airport in the struggle for $15 and union rights will energize workers in Minneapolis!

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