15 Now Minnesota is an independent grassroots movement fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for every worker in the Twin Cities. Through years of rallies and strikes, Minneapolis workers won the first $15 minimum wage in the Midwest despite big business opposition and inertia in the political establishment. Now workers in St. Paul are organizing to do the same. The rent won’t wait! Volunteer and donate today!

We and our partners are fighting to win a $15 minimum wage in Minnesota. Will you join us?

Key Event in the Fight for 15

If you live or work in Saint Paul, don’t miss this key event in the fight for a $15!

Minimum Wage Public Input & Discussion Session
Thursday, June 7th, 5:30-8:30pm
Arlington Hills Community Center (1200 Payne Ave)

Voters have already expressed a clear public mandate for a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty or carve-outs, which Mayor Carter has echoed. But big business is pressuring City Council to weaken the policy and exempt groups of workers, which fundamentally undercuts the minimum wage and makes enforcement much more difficult.

Instead of heeding the clear public mandate for $15, City Council has outsourced the policy discussion to a group called the Citizens League. The Citizens League task force has only one low-wage worker and gives big business an outsize voice in the process. We need to make sure the voices of working people determine the future of Saint Paul. The City’s Public Input and Discussion Session are a key venue to bring our stories, experiences, and calls for a $15 minimum wage for every worker, no exceptions!

If you live or work in Saint Paul, please come to testify to why you believe that nobody who works for a living should live in poverty. If you are a tipped worker, student, PCA, nonprofit worker, worker with a disability, or work at a small business, plan to speak about why you need a $15 minimum wage, and shouldn’t be left behind by a carve-out. Already make $15? Your testimony is still important! You can speak to the importance of $15 for your family, your neighborhood, and our communities. Every voice helps!

Can't make it to the Input Session? Call the Citizens League at 651-401-2474 and leave a voicemail or send an email to minwage@citizensleague.org with your testimony. 

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