15 Now Minnesota is an independent grassroots movement fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for every worker in the Twin Cities. Through years of rallies and strikes, Minneapolis workers won the first $15 minimum wage in the Midwest despite big business opposition and inertia in the political establishment. Now workers in St. Paul are organizing to do the same. The rent won’t wait! Volunteer and donate today!

We and our partners are fighting to win a $15 minimum wage in Minnesota. Will you join us?

Let the People Vote for $15: Minneapolis Fight for $15 Takes on City Hall Obstruction

The movement for a $15 minimum wage is strong in Minneapolis. In two months of petitioning at street fairs and in neighborhoods throughout the city, 15 Now and our partners collected nearly three times the number of signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Fed up with city council inaction, workers are taking our own initiative to end poverty wages and begin to address our worst-in-the-nation racial and economic inequalities in Minneapolis. But now opponents of $15 are moving to block our ballot initiative—not by debating the issue itself, but by questioning the legitimacy of using the democratic process to set the minimum wage.

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Let Minneapolis Vote for $15!


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