15 Now Minnesota is an independent grassroots movement fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for every worker in the Twin Cities. Through years of rallies and strikes, Minneapolis workers won the first $15 minimum wage in the Midwest despite big business opposition and inertia in the political establishment. Now workers in St. Paul are organizing to do the same. The rent won’t wait! Volunteer and donate today!

We and our partners are fighting to win a $15 minimum wage in Minnesota. Will you join us?

15 Is "Already Decided." Or Is It?

Last week, Mayor Carter announced that he has “already decided” that Saint Paul will raise the minimum wage to $15 with no tip penalty or carve-outs by the end of this year. Carter attributes his position to the fact that 98% of votes in last year’s mayoral election went to candidates who campaigned on raising the wage to $15.

Mayor Carter has listened to workers’ calls for $15 in Saint Paul, but most of the City Hall establishment is still dragging their feet. We need to build a movement to hold them accountable to the working people they claim to represent.

City Council won’t even commit to $15 as the number for the new minimum wage despite the fact that $15 is in the DFL party platform and the obvious public mandate for $15 in Saint Paul. The Citizens League, the third party that City Council commissioned to research the minimum wage, is compiling a business-heavy task force to consider “the appropriate rate” for the new minimum wage. All the while, 40% of Saint Paul residents are living in poverty, disproportionately women, immigrants, and people of color.

Just a few years ago, a $15 minimum wage was seen as impossible. But workers built a movement that put immense pressure on the political establishment, and now our movement of workers in the streets is headed towards passing #15forSTP #1FairWage and lifting thousands of working families out of poverty! But we can't get complacent. Big business will fight tooth and nail for anti-worker carve-outs like tip penalty and training wages. It's time to double down on the fight for $15, until we beat poverty wages in St Paul!

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