$15/hr supporters pack first court hearing: Now help us cover legal costs!


Rosheeda Credit, one of the plaintiffs in the court case: "I'm a mother of 5 and have never made more than $11/hr. It's not asking much when housing is over $1,000."

We had our first hearing in court, to get a $15/hour charter amendment on the 2016 Minneapolis ballot! We aim to put the decision back into the hands of low-wage workers and supporters in Minneapolis.

Plaintiffs Rosheeda Credit and Tyler Vasseur highlighted why they collected signatures, signed with nearly 20,000 other Minneapolis residents to see $15 on the 2016 ballot, and are now suing the city as representatives of over 100,000 low-wage workers who would benefit from a $15 minimum wage.

Our lawyers did excellent work in today's hearing. We're building a movement in the streets, and supporting our lawyers who are bringing the voices of low-wage workers organizing for the right to vote on $15/hour into the courts.

Get your ticket today to next Friday's benefit concert for $15/hr, featuring P.O.S., Guante, Khem Clan and more. All proceeds directly support the legal fund to get $15 on the ballot. 

Can't make it? Minimum wage workers would earn $48 more each day if we win $15/hr. Can you donate $24, $48, or $96 right now?

Last week, City Council voted to illegally block the $15/hr proposal from moving forward to the November ballot. Facing around a hundred workers and supporters chanting “Vote theft is wage theft,” the City Council majority chose to defend poverty wages, side with big business, and steal the vote from Minneapolis workers.

Low-wage workers are fighting back, and suing the city of Minneapolis. If the court rules in favor of the petitioners, the city council decision will be overturned and the Court will order the City to put the $15.00 per hour minimum wage charter amendment on the November 2016 ballot. The judge will need to decide before the August 26th deadline for ballots in this year’s election.

Read more about the legal case from our national and local team, and donate to the legal fund today.