$1.9 trillion


$1.9 trillion in untaxed corporate profits. That’s how much U.S. S&P 500 corporations currently have sitting outside the country in tax havens, according to a 2014 report from ISI Research. It's enough to pay every low-wage worker in Minneapolis $15/hour at a full time job -- for the next six hundred years! 

Recently, the Panama Papers exposed how numerous billionaires, government officials, and even heads of state have exploited similar tax havens.

Can you donate $190 from your 2015 tax return to 15 Now Minnesota, to help us win back some of this hoarded wealth? That’s $1 for every $10 billion hoarded by tax dodging corporations. If you sign up as a monthly sustainer, that's only $16/month.

A $15/hour minimum wage in Minneapolis would put almost a billion desperately needed dollars directly back into the local economy annually. Winning $15 would be a massive step towards reducing our worst-in-the-nation racial inequities.

The Twin Cities are home to sixteen S&P 500 companies – the highest concentration per capita in the country. We can afford to pay all workers a living wage.

Join us to make 2016 the year we win $15!

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