15 Now Minnesota is a grassroots organization fighting together with low-wage workers, the labor movement, and supporters for a $15/hour minimum wage. We are the local chapter of 15 Now, an organization that launched in 2014 and led the victory for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, the first major city to pass $15/hour.  

 National support for a $15 minimum wage has spread rapidly since fast-food workers first raised the demand by taking strike action in 2012. A Hart Research poll from January 2015 showed 62% national support for a federal minimum wage of $15/hour, only one year after the victories for $15 by Sea-Tac airport workers and the movement in Seattle.

Widespread anger against wealth inequality has moved workers into action to demand an end to the poverty pay, race-to-the-bottom logic of big business’ profits. Workers have leveraged immense pressure from below to force cities across the country to raise the minimum wage. This growing workers’ movement, building solidarity with the fight against police repression, systemic racism, for immigrant and women’s rights, is getting more organized, engaging tens of thousands of workers across many industries. Ours is a movement of workers fighting to live, not just survive.

In Minneapolis, 28% of us live in poverty. Those numbers are even higher for families of color, including 49% of Black households, 65% of American Indians, and 34% of Latinos. 17 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the Twin Cities, yet the city political establishment presides over a “Tale of Two Cities” where Minneapolis workers face some of the worst-in-the-nation inequities.

Our goal is to empower working people and activate them into a fighting movement. Big business will never let $15 pass without a fight. Corporations will mobilize their resources to derail, delay, and dilute efforts to end poverty wages, which are a major source of their profits. That’s why 15 Now aims to build the broadest mass movement possible to defeat their fear mongering, tired arguments that are never realized when cities set a higher minimum wage.

We aim to build a network of activists, organized in Action Groups across neighborhoods, campuses, workplaces, allied trade unions, and community and immigrant rights organizations.

This is our vision across the US: People organizing from below to challenge the domination of our economic and political system by a wealthy few. The key to winning will be building up the power of working people expressed in our level of organization, consciousness, unity and determination to struggle.

Join 15 Now: Contact us today to get involved in this historic struggle! $15/hour is a fight we can win!