Atlanta City Employees Just Won $15!

Did you see the great news? Workers organizing in Atlanta just won a $15 minimum wage for city employees phased in over the next two years. The raise will effect more than 1,000 people employed by the city. On July 1st, the wage will increase to $13/hour, and the phase up to $15 within the next two years.

Let this victory tell all working people that we must continue our fight for progressive values and our community’s needs in spite of the recent surge in conservative ideology.” -- Shannan Reaze, Director of Atlanta Jobs with Justice

The movement for $15 in Atlanta started with fast food workers striking in 2013. The movement grew into a wide coalition of community, faith and labor groups who organized behind the demand for a $15 minimum wage for city employees.

Georgia has statewide preemption-- a law that makes it illegal for cities to set their own minimum wages. Legislators here in Minnesota are trying to pass preemption too. That meant Atlanta couldn’t set its own minimum wage, but it could raise wages as a private employer. By raising the wage to $15 for city employees, Atlanta hopes to create competition that leads to wage increases across the city & state.

The victory in Atlanta shows that we can organize and win, even in challenging political environments. It also shows the urgency of passing a $15 minimum wage to say NO to statewide preemption. Join 15 Now at our next Organizing Meeting to build the movement for $15 in St Paul!