Colorado Could Repeal Preemption

Colorado might become the first state to repeal minimum wage preemption. That would be a massive victory for workers across the country!

“Thousands of Colorado workers and their communities stand to benefit from the ability to raise the minimum wage locally, and other states stand to benefit from Colorado’s example in seeking to protect local minimum wages and local democracy, more broadly.”

Minimum wage preemption is a statewide policy that makes it illegal to raise the minimum wage on the local level. It’s a common way that Republicans try to thwart grassroots movements for living wages. Republicans in Minnesota tried to pass preemption last year to block Minneapolis from passing $15, and they’re going to try to do the same thing this year to stop our movement for a $15 minimum wage for every worker in St Paul. The best thing we can do to defend against preemption is act quickly to pass a strong $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty or carve-outs, as the mayor and the general public clearly support. The longer City Hall stalls on passing $15 in Saint Paul, the more they’re allowing Republicans the time to pass preemption.

Colorado’s victory shows that people are rising up against anti-worker policies designed to keep us in poverty. Our movement for a $15 minimum wage for every worker in Saint Paul embodies the same ideas. We can beat back preemption and Republican anti-worker attacks, but only by building a movement to hold City Hall accountable. This weekend is a great opportunity to build the movement for $15 in Saint Paul-- will you join us?