Corporations are mobilizing to silence our voices


Workers submitting 20,000 signatures for $15/hr in Minneapolis

Undermining workers’ right to vote on minimum wage, or Minneapolis’ ability to pass policies like paid sick days, is now a “top priority” to Minnesota corporations. The Minnesota Business Partnership, which represents giant corporations like Target, Best Buy, Cargill, Delta, PolyMet Mining, US Bank and Wells Fargo, is uniting with Republicans to strip workers in cities like Minneapolis of their ability to pass policies like $15/hour.

This is urgent, and could pass at anytime during the special session.

We’re planning a massive outreach operation right now to take action and mobilize against this attack on working people in the city of Minneapolis. But materials aren’t free, and we can’t fight corporate greed with corporate cash. Our campaign is funded completely by the sacrifice of everyday working people. Can you donate $15 right now to bolster this effort?

What they’re proposing is called a “preemption bill”. It’s already passed in over a dozen states across the country, including Wisconsin. If “preemption” passes, it would even undo the paid sick days ordinance that city council passed unanimously last month. It would nullify the 20,000 signatures we handed in yesterday.

While the Republicans are leading the charge, we can’t simply rely on electing Democrats to defend working people. Rather than oppose this corporate attack outright, Governor Dayton said a preemption law is “too complicated” to address in special session, but was “open to the discussion” in the future. DFL Majority Leader Tom Bakk has already voiced support for a preemption law.

It’s all a trick to defend corporate profits. When pro-worker policies are proposed at a state and federal level, big business and their political allies complain about “one size fits all” policies and point out regional differences. When working people take their own initiatives at a local level, big business and their political allies complain about a “patchwork of different policies” which “complicates” their ability to make record profits.

We can defeat this by mobilizing working people into action, but we need your help. Working people have tremendous power when we organize and fight together.  Let’s defeat this corporate attack ASAP to continue the campaign to win $15/hour in Minneapolis and lead the movement state and nationwide.

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