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“Samuel Callahan is a single father raising his 14-year-old daughter, the youngest of his seven children. The father-daughter pair share a one-bedroom apartment in North Minneapolis.... Callahan has been working at a Taco Bell for the past four years, but in 2016 he also started picking up shifts at a McDonald’s in order to make ends meet. In total, Callahan works 17 hours a day, six days per week. When his daughter, a track and field athlete, comes home from school, Callahan is just starting his second shift. He has never been able to attend her track meets.

‘[My daughter] understands, I’ve got to work. But I want her to be able to have it better. I don’t want her to struggle the way I have,’ Callahan said.”

Read the rest of Sam’s story, and a profile of the growing movement for #15forSTP!

Sam Callahan stands in front of St Paul City Hall on Labor Day.Sam Callahan in front of St Paul City Hall on Labor Day.

“Workers know what happened and know that together we can win,” Mendez Moore [co-director of CTUL] said. “They went from ‘Man, is this even possible?’ to having the courage to stand up to the city and their employers and get what they deserve. That’s what this movement is about.”

Check out the Twin Cities Daily Planet’s great article about the fight for $15 in St Paul.