Don't let Big Business fool you.

The movement to raise the minimum wage is reaching a boiling point in Minneapolis. Three years of grassroots pressure, including a nine-week petition drive that gathered nearly 20,000 signatures to put $15/hr on the ballot, has forced City Hall to take seriously workers’ demand for a $15 minimum wage, no exemptions, for big business by 2020 and all workers by 2022. 

Big business leverages its money and resources in City Hall, but we have a proposal that’s supported by 68% of Minneapolis voters and backed up by the city’s own economic impact study. Support economic justice and one fair wage for worker in Minneapolis by donating $15 today!

The Minnesota Restaurant Association’s latest corporate scheme, Pathway to 15, sounds nice. But it’s a big business-backed campaign, designed to undermine the minimum wage to protect profits.

Our Proposal

Pathway to $15

$15/hour minimum wage for all Minneapolis workers

Carve-outs and exemptions that undercut the concept of minimum wage

One Fair Wage: equal pay for equal work, no exemptions

Tip penalty and carve-outs leave some workers behind

Same minimum wage for tipped and non-tipped workers, ensuring reliable income, protecting tips

 Sub-minimum wage for tipped workers, making it difficult to track wages and opening the door to underpayment and wage theft

One Fair Wage for younger workers. Young workers do the same jobs, often working to support families, save for college, and maintain independence

Carve-out for younger workers, limiting young people’s ability to participate in the economy and incentivizing high turnover models that exploit youth for company profit

All workers need a living wage. Big business can pay $15 now. Our proposal allows extra time for medium-smaller sized businesses

Classifies franchises like McDonald’s and Perkins as small businesses to protect corporate profits

Would lift wages for over 71,000 workers, disproportionately benefitting workers of color, immigrant workers, women and single mothers

Leaves behind the most vulnerable workers, opening the door to wage theft, exploitation, and unfair labor practices

Nearly 20,000 petition signatures in favor, 68% support among Minneapolis voters, and the city’s rigorous economic impact study confirming economic benefits

Sponsored by Minnesota Restaurant Association, a big business lobby group that’s simultaneously trying to make minimum wage increases illegal at the state level through pre-emption

If you’re on our side, pitch in $15 today. Let’s win a $15/hour minimum wage for all workers and show big business that in Minneapolis, corporate money is no match for our movement.