Every precinct, every worker: 15 Now!

A year ago at the 2016 DFL caucuses, precincts across every ward of Minneapolis passed resolutions in support of a $15/hr minimum wage for all Minneapolis workers. Since then, through massive grassroots pressure-- marches, social media, and the biggest petition drive in Minneapolis history-- workers have forced the issue into the center of Minneapolis politics. But our DFL-dominated city council still hasn’t passed our proposal to take all Minneapolis workers to a $15/hour minimum wage, no exemptions, despite 68% support and the city’s own economic study confirming its viability.

This Tuesday night, hundreds of people will attend DFL caucuses. Let’s pass resolutions in every precinct supporting a $15 minimum wage for all workers, no tip penalty, no exemptions. But with the threat of statewide preemption, Minneapolis workers can’t wait another year to end poverty wages in our city. That’s why this year, we’re adding a timeline to the resolution: introduce language by June. We know we need to keep building our grassroots movement to win material gains for working people, but by passing resolutions across Minneapolis, we can make it clear to City Hall that we won’t let up unless they pass a strong $15/hour ordinance for all Minneapolis workers by this June.

If you’re planning to caucus, can you introduce a resolution for a $15 minimum wage for all workers by 2022 with no tip penalty or carve-outs? You can download the resolution here. Just print it out, bring it to your caucus, and ask the precinct chair when resolutions will be considered.

Let’s use this year’s DFL caucuses to turn up the heat on city council and show that the movement for $15 for all workers is stronger than ever. And join us next week at a rally against tip penalty and wage theft at Buffalo Wild Wings-- direct action is what’s put #15forMpls and #1FairWage at the center of Minneapolis politics.

15 Now Minnesota