Governor Candidates Pledge to Fight for $15

Just a few years ago, most of the political establishment said that winning a $15 minimum wage was impossible. But that didn’t stop us-- the rent won’t wait! Our movement has transformed the public conversation around living wages and forced the political establishment to concede to our demands.

Now, candidates for Governor of Minnesota are pledging to support $15/hr and fight for living wages across the state.

Tim Walz, Tina Liebling, and Erin Murphy, three leading candidates for Governor of Minnesota, have signed our cards pledging to support the movement for $15/hour in St Paul and advance the fight for living wages across the state through their candidacies. This is a product of the power we’ve built over years of strikes, pickets, and independent political organizing.

The election for governor doesn’t take place til November of 2018. The fact that gubernatorial candidates understand the importance of decisively supporting $15 early in their campaigns is a sign of the momentum surging across the state as working people demand living wages.

With gubernatorial candidates already pledging their support for $15, it’s time to amp up our movement for $15/hour in St Paul. With 40% of St Paul living in poverty, we must organize and fight to pass a policy that matches the historic $15 municipal minimum wage in Minneapolis. Winning #15forSTP would build the Minneapolis victory into a pattern and advance the Fight for 15 across the country!

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