How we win

Workers across the country have taken action to demand $15/hour and union rights. Here in Minneapolis, we’re working with a powerful coalition to organize massive rallies and ward meetings. Join us to speak with supporters all across Minneapolis, and $15/hour needs your help!

This Saturday, at 9:30am, New Creation Church, 1922 25th Ave N, we’re teaming up with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, CTUL and ISAIAH to get one hundred people out knocking on doors for $15/hr minimum wage.

Can you make it? Please RSVP here.


Polls show 68% of Minneapolis residents support our proposal for $15/hour, phased in for big business by 2020 and medium-small business by 2022 for every worker. The same poll showed a stunning 83% of African Americans and 74% of women voters support our proposal; groups that are disproportionately affected by poverty wages. Let’s demand City Council pass OUR proposal for $15/hour! We know we have a massive base of support in every ward, but we need your help to do the outreach to meet them.

The last six months have made it clear that we need to build an independent source of power to win $15/hour in Minneapolis. Low-wage workers have been organizing, demonstrating and even going on strike to win $15/hour, but Mayor Hodges and Minneapolis City Council have refused to take any substantial action beyond making vague promises to address poverty wages.

We intend to doorknock in every ward across Minneapolis and sign 10,000 postcards demanding City Council pass an ordinance for $15/hour. This will be an enormous effort. It will take hundreds of volunteers. It will also take resources. As you know, our campaign is funded entirely by working class people: teachers, nurses, servers, cooks, retail workers, janitors and more. 

Can you pitch in a small amount each month until we win?

We're not just collecting postcards. We're building the grassroots movement to win $15.

Save the date: Afternoon of October 15th, Win $15 Mass Organizing Conference.

On October 15th, 15 Now Minnesota, NOC, CTUL, ISAIAH and Socialist Alternative are hosting a mass organizing conference to gather hundreds of workers and supporters to decide on the strategy to win an ordinance for $15. We’ll break out into Neighborhood Action Groups where low-wage workers can come together with neighbors, community activists, union members, small businesses $15 supporters, and members of the faith community, to build a mass base of support in every ward and an unstoppable grassroots campaign.

The Neighborhood Action Groups should be schools for developing the power of working people in Minneapolis, where we can sustain the movement for workers rights far beyond the immediate fight over minimum wage. Between the October 15th Organizing Conference and November 29th National Day of Action, let’s host community meetings in every Minneapolis ward to answer common questions about $15/hour and grow the independent movement of workers and supporters ready to win $15.

Mobilize for a mass Day of Action for $15

We'll be building for more days of action to win a $15/minimum wage. Getting thousands of people out in the streets, representing every Minneapolis ward, would be an undeniable statement to Mayor Hodges and Minneapolis City Council that Minneapolis supports $15/hour. Continuing to build the pressure that got us to this point, with days of action, demonstrations, and rallies to build a powerful step towards inspiring the mass movement necessary to win, which throughout history has been a tried and true method to challenge entrenched corporate power and big business backed politicians.

$15/hour - No Tip Penalty, No Exceptions!

Everywhere $15 has passed, big business makes the same old arguments to protect their profits. They will claim $15 is too high, even though study after study shows the sky won’t fall, in Minneapolis or elsewhere, when we win $15/hr. Big business will claim they need more time, even though corporations are making record profits. They will claim tipped workers should be left out of a living wage, even though tipped workers are predominantly women who experience higher levels of workplace harassment. They will claim $15 will cause unemployment, even though study after study shows otherwise.

While workers know these big-business arguments are completely false, we can’t underestimate the influence of corporate power. A worker-led, community-based grassroots movement is the best way to counteract the inevitable pressure big-business will put on City Hall to water down $15/hour. Join the movement at the canvassing kickoff this Saturday, 9:30am at New Creation Church, and sign up today to pitch in a small amount each month to support the campaign.


Ginger Jentzen
Executive Director of 15 Now Minnesota