I have exciting news

Minneapolis low-wage workers have won a mandate for $15/hr minimum wage, through years of grassroots organizing, demonstrations and strikes. I have and will continue to fight in solidarity with Minneapolis workers to win a strong $15/hr minimum wage, no tip-penalty, no exceptions.

However, I have decided to officially step back from my role of Executive Director of 15 Now Minnesota, to run for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 3 as a member of Socialist Alternative.

I used to be a restaurant server, basing my income on tipped work. Over the last two years, it’s been an honor to help build 15 Now Minnesota with all of you. We’ve completely shifted the discussion about $15 in Minneapolis, and we’re on the verge of winning one of the most important victories for working class people in Minneapolis in decades.

I will not be absent from the fight for a $15/hr minimum wage in Minneapolis. 15 Now is in the excellent hands of leaders who’ve developed in the movement. We will all need to fight hard to stop big business attempts to water-down the proposal, undermining the concept of what we’re fighting for and potentially leaving tens of thousands of Minneapolis workers behind. We need $15/hr, no carve outs, no exceptions, and we’re going to keep building a movement to win!

Now more than ever, 15 Now needs your support! We need to keep building 15 Now Minnesota and the growing coalition of organizations fighting for a $15/hr minimum wage. Be sure to make your voice heard at the upcoming listening sessions, get involved at the next organizing meeting, and make a small donation to support the cause.

In solidarity,

Ginger Jentzen