No Wage Ban!

In less than two weeks, Trump has already attacked sanctuary cities, signing an executive order to slash their federal funding. His #MuslimBan is a direct attack against Muslim refugees. Emboldened by Trump’s billionaire-backed agenda, Republicans in Congress are pushing national right-to-work laws to attack unions and further erode workers’ rights.

And yesterday, here in Minnesota, the state legislature held its first hearing on a bill to ban minimum wage increases and workers’ rights policies in working class communities.


15 Now organizer Nestor Garcia Olague testified about the need for a $15/hr minimum wage under a Trump presidency, not a race-to-the bottom for workers.

In 2011, Republican Governor Scott Walker signed legislation to prevent Wisconsin cities from passing sick time legislation, in a move to undo Milwaukee’s 2008 sick time victory. Since then, across the country, Big Business lobbyists like ALEC have aggressively pushed forward laws to strip local cities from enacting progressive policies, in what’s called “statewide pre-emption.”
This legislation has prohibited local paid sick leave and minimum wage protections in 22 states. In North Carolina, pre-emption restricted transgender protections with its bathroom bills. In Colorado and Arkansas, preemption has been used to expand fracking, by prohibiting local cities from protecting their water supply against its effects.

Our health, safety, and human rights should not be raffled off the highest corporate bidder. It’s time for bold action to stop this corporate power grab!  

Tens of thousands have heroically occupied Standing Rock to defend against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Millions have mobilized since Trump’s inauguration to stand up to his racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-worker agenda.

In Minneapolis, Big Business lobbyists like the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Council have relentlessly fought against workers’ rights like paid sick time, fair scheduling, and $15/hr. But through a powerful movement, workers have won vast public support for a $15/hr minimum wage, no exemptions.

Let’s demand Minneapolis stand up to corporate politics and lead the resistance against Trump’s agenda, by passing a $15 minimum wage for all workers and expanding sanctuary protections for immigrants and refugees!

Can you join 15 Now Minnesota and our allies at the next preemption hearing, to demand no wage ban, protection of earned sick and safe time, and a $15/hr minimum wage in cities like Minneapolis? Join us this Monday, February 6 at 1:00pm, Room 1150 of the Minnesota Senate Building (95 University Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN).

A room packed with supporters gives the thumbs up to a worker testifying for #NoWageBan.

Let's make Minneapolis a city of resistance against Trump's attacks!