Pre-emption isn’t dead yet...

Big business, the Minnesota Restaurant Association, and the Republicans haven’t given up on passing statewide preemption.

While we welcome Governor Dayton saying he will veto this corporate power grab as a stand alone bill, the legislative session is not over and the Restaurant Association is still lobbying hard to cut-off a $15 minimum wage. Let’s be clear, pre-emption is about pushing corporate profits at the expense of tens of thousands of low wage workers. It sets a precedent for undoing local initiatives around issues like the environment, and will only worsen Minnesota’s deep racial and economic inequalities.

Last Tuesday’s Restaurant Association fundraiser means thousands of dollars will go into funding Republicans at the state level, who consistently push for anti-worker laws, like pre-emption*. Now is the time to send a clear message, that this ALEC legislation has no place in Minnesota.

Join us on Thursday to call on Governor Dayton to protect workers’ rights by vetoing any form of any pre-emption.

Just Say NO Preemption: Not Now, Not Ever -- 11:00 AM - 12:00pm
Thursday May 18th

We’ve built enormous support for a proposal to get big business to pay $15/hour within three years, and medium-small business by 2022. The last two years have shown that even DFL politicians in Minneapolis, where there is no Republican threat, are far from consistent fighters for low-wage workers. Even with a majority public support for $15 without carve-outs or exemptions that would leave workers behind, the main hurdle to raising wages for over 72,000 Minneapolis workers has been business influence over city hall and the state capitol.

This is why we’ve built an independent movement to win $15/hour in Minneapolis, based on our grassroots power. And we’re on the verge of victory.

Join 15 Now MN on Thursday to beat back preemption! 

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*State Level Republicans who take money from the MRA’s PAC:

  • Representative Tim Miller (R) District: 17A

  • Representative Mark Uglem (R) District: 36A

  • Senate, Paul Anderson (R) District 44

  • Representative John Poston (R) District: 09A

  • Representative Josh Heintzeman (R) District: 10A