Public Letter to Citizens League and City Hall

City Hall is moving towards passing a $15 minimum wage by this fall. That’s a product of workers organizing tirelessly to demand living wages and dignity.

But as conversation around $15 grows, we need to make sure the policy discussion centers working people. That’s why we’re calling on the Citizens League, the group researching the $15 minimum wage, to use a fair and accurate process to address the crisis of poverty in St Paul. A process that caters to professional decision-makers -- lobbyists, representatives, paid staffers-- will not accurately capture the experiences of those most affected.

Read our letter to the Citizens League and the City here.

There’s more than enough information for City Hall to pass a policy now. Experts agree that phasing up the minimum wage to $15 with no tip penalty or exemptions is good for workers and the economy. And with 40% of St Paul living in poverty, we can’t afford to wait.

During the movement for a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, it took countless rallies, demonstrations, and strikes to force City Hall to take our demand seriously. The movement for $15 in Minneapolis won precisely because we refused to accept business as usual. Working people should be the drivers on policy, not big business and the establishment in City Hall.

Business as usual isn’t working for St Paul, either. We need a $15 minimum wage for all workers to pass by this fall, so St Paul can finally get the raise it deserves!