Reject Racism: Fight for 15

We’re all reeling from the events of the past week in Charlottesville. One thing these events make clear is that we need to be organized to win concrete victories to defeat white supremacy and institutionalized racism. Poverty wages are one of the economic underpinnings of American racism.

#15forMpls raised wages for 54% of Latino workers and 42% of Black workers.
Imagine what we can win with #15forSTP.
Poverty wages are state-sanctioned violence. The women and workers of color who disproportionately earn minimum wage have led the Fight for 15 from the beginning as a way of rejecting the institutional racism of poverty wages.

Join us this weekend to gather petition signatures at two events resisting racism:
Saturday August 19th: Stay Awake concert and celebration: 1-3pm, meet at MLK Park
Sunday August 20th: Central Honors Philando, 3-5pm, meet in front of Dunning Rec Center