Report shows 40% of St Paul Lives in Poverty

A report released by the Metropolitan Council this March reported that more than 40% of St Paul earned less than 185% of the federal poverty level. As the Pioneer Press wrote in its coverage of the report“40.8 percent of St. Paul residents lived in poverty in the latest period studied — the highest in the region.” St Paul also added six census tracts defined as Areas of Concentrated Poverty, meaning at least 40% of the residents of a given area live in poverty. The study reports that People of Color are overrepresented amongst those living in poverty, and massively overrepresented in Areas of Concentrated Poverty.

The study also reports that of all people living in poverty in the Twin Cities, only 2% of income comes from public assistance-- the rest is earned income. People are working full time and still unable to make ends meet: poverty-wage jobs are responsible for much of the region’s poverty.

With 17 Fortune 500 companies in the metro area, we know there’s enough to go around. No one in St Paul should live in poverty. Our movement can break the cycle of poverty by getting our communities the income they need to thrive. Minneapolis' $15 minimum wage will transfer $140 million annually from corporations into the pockets of workers. We can win the same for St Paul if we organize and fight. 

Will you join the movement to raise wages and give St Paul workers the wages we deserve? Come to our 15 Now meeting on September 28th at 6:30pm to learn more and get involved. Can’t make it? Donate to fund the movement