Seattle Eliminates Minimum Wage Carve-out for Disabled Workers

On Monday the Seattle City Council voted to bar employers from paying sub-minimum wages to workers with disabilities. The measure overrides Washington State law, which has a carve-out that allows employers to pay disabled workers far below the minimum wage, sometimes even just a few cents per hour.

The Seattle City Council is standing by the principle of Equal Pay for Equal Work. St Paul City Council must do the same.

The crisis of poverty in St Paul is even worse for disabled workers, The Star Tribune reports that reporting that disabled workers face extremely high levels of exploitation. With a discriminatory carve-out that leaves disabled workers making just dollars per day, it’s time for St Paul City Hall to stand with workers and demand a $15 minimum wage with no carve-outs or exemptions.

We can win a $15 minimum wage for all workers with no discriminatory carve-outs, but only if we build a movement to overpower corporate influence in City Hall. This Saturday, Mayor Carter will give his State of the City address and reiterate his support for a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty or carve-outs so that everyone working in St Paul can have dignity and justice on the job. Join us this Saturday at Johnson High School at 8:15am to support Mayor Carter’s call for $15 for all!