September 12th

Our movement is winning! After years of workers organizing, rallying, and raising our voices, Saint Paul is moving towards raising the minimum wage to $15/hour with no tip penalty.

Testify for $15 One Fair Wage
Wednesday September 12th @ 5-7:30pm
Saint Paul City Hall (15 W Kellogg)

On September 12th, the City Council will hear the report from a Study Committee that has been doing policy research on the minimum wage. The task force voted with 77% support in favor of a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty, confirming the policy that workers have been championing for years is right for Saint Paul.

We're closer than ever to winning $15, but we need to make sure it's the strongest policy possible. That means no carve-outs that leave workers behind, a quick phase-in to get workers the raises we need, and well-funded enforcement to defend the wage.

Come pack the room to show your support for a $15 minimum wage for ALL workers, NO exemptions, as quickly as possible! If you live or work in Saint Paul, plan to testify about what a $15 minimum wage would mean for you and your community.