St Paul Saints Seek Exemption from Minimum Wage

The owners of the St Paul Saints are lobbying to exempt the team from the state’s minimum wage. It might be surprising that this is even an issue for professional athletes-- but Saints players make on average $9/hour.

The Saints are owned by the Goldklang Group, which is composed of six upper-level baseball executives who collectively own significant parts of dozens of minor league baseball teams. Strangely, actor Bill Murray is also part of the Goldklang Group due to a college friendship with founder Marvin Goldklang. The Goldklang Group’s net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars, but they insist they can’t pay players living wages due to league salary caps.

What’s more, the city of St Paul paid $51.4 million to subsidize the Saints Stadium, CHS Field. Now the Saints are saying they’d want an exemption from the city’s $15 minimum wage, saying that increasing the wage would only increase the problem.

This is just another example of the lengths to which the 1% will go to protect their profits. Whether it’s a carve-out for young workers, a subminimum wage for servers, or an exemption for minor league baseball players, corporate lobbyists stop at nothing to weaken the minimum wage. We have to build a strong movement of workers who say NO to corporate exploitation and poverty wages. Join us at our next Organizing Meeting to build the fight!