Target Raises Minimum Hourly Wage to $15 by 2020

This morning Target announced that they’re raising their hourly wage to $15/hour by 2020. This means a raise for a large percentage of Target’s 323,000 workers nationwide, plus 100,000 seasonal workers.

This is our victory. Just a few years ago $15 was considered laughable by most of the political establishment and the business world, but workers and community supporters organized and built movements across the country to win $15. Target’s announcement, along with the victory of $15/hour for all workers in Minneapolis, shows that our movements can win concrete policy and spur deep social change. 

Workers in St. Paul are organizing for #15forSTP, another concrete policy that would help solve the deep crisis of poverty in the Twin Cities. Nearly 1 in 4 St. Paul jobs pay less than $15/hour. As Target’s wages increase to $15/hour by 2020, St. Paul’s elected officials should act to end the crisis of poverty in our city. We need a $15 minimum wage in St Paul as soon as possible!

Come to Wednesday’s Mayoral Debate to show the St Paul mayoral candidates that we need $15/hour in St Paul! Can’t make it? Pitch in to help build our movement and win victories like today’s!