Teachers Vote on Super Bowl Strike

St Paul Teachers have always stood with the working families of St Paul. Now they need us to stand in solidarity with them!

MN Workers Support Teachers Strike Vote Rally

Wednesday January 31st

Kellogg Mall Park (across from St Paul Intercontinental Hotel)

Here’s why the teachers are considering a strike during the Super Bowl:

“The district is taking a hard line, and has been attempting to use the same anti-union, anti-worker tactics on us, as they have with other bargaining units. They are asking Educational Assistants (some of the lowest paid workers) to pay a fee of 50 cents per check to process dues, they want to take away our union leave, increase class sizes, make it easier to put an educator on an improvement plan, and they have said that any improvements that could impact students would have to come out of the 1% increase they had initially put on the table. At mediation on Thursday, SPFT offered to meet, with or without mediators prior to the vote. The district has declined. SPFT educators are ready to strike because we imagine better schools for our kids and are calling on the district to put students first. We imagine schools with smaller class sizes, mental health supports for our students, and enough teachers and support professionals to meet the needs of our english learner students and special education students. Because we aren’t funding our public schools, our students, our families, and our educators are paying for it.”

Be there on Wednesday to stand with St Paul teachers!