The 1% is trying to buy my city council member.

Tonight, the 1% threw a fundraiser for my city council member, with notable co-hosts who have worked to undermine the movement for $15/hour. With so much at stake in this year’s election, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised to see corporate money attempting to influence candidates. But tonight’s fundraiser for my city council member, Kevin Reich, is a concrete example of how big business uses their influence to protect their profits against the interests of working people. 

Among the top donors hosting the event was Steve Cramer, president of the Downtown Council, a vocal opponent of $15/hr, and the only member of the Workplace Partnership Group to vote against paid sick days last year. Other hosts included Ted Grindal and Charlie Nauen, two of the lawyers from the firm hired by the Minnesota Restaurant Association to lobby against $15/hour. The city also hired their firm to block $15 from the ballot.

Council member Reich will vote on the upcoming minimum wage ordinance. We can’t leave $15/hour in the hands of city council when we know big business groups are relentlessly trying to influence against our movement. We clearly need to build massive pressure from below to win a $15 minimum wage for all workers by 2022, no exemptions.

The 1% has money, but we have numbers. If all our supporters donate $15 today, we can cancel out the corporate cash and organize with workers to be louder than the lobbyists.

With only a few months left until the city council votes on a minimum wage ordinance, it’s time to turn up the heat.

Join us next month to rally at Buffalo Wild Wings and show that Minneapolis workers won’t stand for a tip penalty carve-out that exposes workers to massive wage theft by mega-rich corporations. Make a donation to help us beat back corporate influence-- from fundraisers to fast food franchises, we’re using mass action to win $15/hour for every worker in Minneapolis.

In Solidarity,

Tony K., Ward 1 Resident