They said it couldn't be done in DC...

Back in December 2015, few in Washington DC thought that a $15/hour minimum wage was a likely reality," writes Ryan Johnson in The Hill blog.  "Should the council falter along the way [in passing $15/hour before November 2016], the DC for $15 campaign remains ready to deliver signatures and head to the ballot..." 
Across the country, working people are taking the question of a $15 minimum wage into their own hands. By taking independent initiatives in the form of grassroots organized ballot campaigns on $15, many are saying that politics as usual are not acceptable anymore. 

In Minneapolis, we're on the verge of collecting 20,000 signatures from supporters to get a $15 minimum wage on the ballot. On June 29th, workers, volunteers and supporters will present the signatures at City Hall. But City Hall has indicated they want to use vague legal arguments to block us from voting for $15/hour. We can't let our $15/hour movement be sidelined and 20,000 voices silenced. 

Can you donate $15 to ensure we have the resources to get $15/hour on the ballot this year?

Let's make June 29th huge, and show we're ready to do whatever it takes to get $15 on the ballot to put the minimum wage decision back in the hands of those most affected: working people in Minneapolis.

- Ginger Jentzen, 15 Now