Tipped Workers Speak Out

Many service industry workers are organizing to win $15 for Minneapolis, against a backdrop of scare-tactics by big business aiming to protect corporate profits at any cost. Earlier this week, five service industry workers spoke out against intimidation and harassment by sections of the Minnesota Restaurant Association’s corporate-backed Pathway to 15 campaign.

“We want to expose the chilling effect of intimidation in the workplace, and highlight what we’ve faced as workers organizing to weigh in on public policy that would directly affect us.”
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Read these five workers’ stories here

“Recent news highlighted that a majority of the Minneapolis city council support a $15 minimum wage and One Fair Wage for tipped workers. We’ve been part of building a winning movement, and no amount of bullying from a group funded by the restaurant lobby and led by owners and managers can change that fact.”

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We know big business is throwing resources toward passing preemption, and they won’t let #15forMpls pass without a fight. “We will keep pushing until Governor Dayton puts pen to paper and vetoes preemption,” said Hanna, another tipped worker in Minneapolis organizing with 15 Now. “Don’t trade away millions of dollars from going back into the pockets of working people who’ve organized and demanded a $15 minimum wage!” Hanna emphasized the power of the $15 movement rallying with faith and community groups yesterday, calling on Governor Dayton to veto any form of any preemption.

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