Vote Theft is Wage Theft: City Hall doubles down on blocking 15



Stop spending tax dollars for vote theft, spend it to fight wage theft!

Answering calls from big-business interests like the Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges have directed City Attorney Susan Segal to contract an outside law firm specializing in lobbying the state government to help block $15/hour at the Minnesota Supreme Court.

We demand Mayor Hodges and the City Council stop wasting taxpayer money on costly attorneys to defend the Chamber of Commerce. They have the power to stop this appeal. Monday’s Court ruling was clear: the City acted undemocratically and the people of Minneapolis have the right to vote to end poverty wages.

One of the lawyers representing the City of Minneapolis in this case is Charles Nauen. Back in 2012, he worked with Susan Segal to figure out how to circumvent the city charter and force Minneapolis residents to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to construct US Bank Stadium. This time they’re teaming up to hide behind the city’s legal interpretation to defend poverty wages.

To me, it’s clear that big business interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce pull the strings at City Hall.

We urgently need your help. The county has bent the rules to accommodate the appeal and accommodate big business, extending the deadline to print finalized ballots. Now we need to go back to court a second time to defend our democratic right to decide minimum wage, when we should be preparing to take on big business with one of the biggest grassroots campaigns Minneapolis has ever seen.

Can you pitch in $15, $50, or $150 to make sure we have the resources to win?

Mayor Hodges and City Council hired the firm Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. Attorneys at Law to block $15/hr. The firm specializes in lobbying the state government, and their motto is “From the Courtroom to the Capitol.” Under the “Government Relations” section of their website, they say:

It is our goal to strategically assist our clients with state policy leaders. We work with our clients to formulate a thoughtful and effective strategy to implement their legislative and administrative agenda... to maximize their influence on public policy.

We can’t let City Hall continue using taxpayer money to lobby for big business! We need to take action now. Here are three things you can do: 

1. Can you pitch in $15, $50, or $150?

2. Sign and share the petition to demand the City of Minneapolis drop the appeal. 

3. Call your City Council Member and Mayor Hodges and demand they drop the Supreme Court Appeal to block $15/hour.

Don’t know your city council member? Click here

Mayor Betsy Hodges- (612) 673-2100

Ward 1- Kevin Reich- (612) 673-2201

Ward 2- Cam Gordon- (612) 673-2201

Ward 3- Jacob Frey- (612) 673-2203

Ward 4- Barbara A Johnson- (612) 673-2204

Ward 5- Blong Yang- (612) 673-2205

Ward 6- Abdi Warsame- (612) 673-2206

Ward 7- Lisa Goodman- (612) 673-2207

Ward 8- Elizabeth Glidden- (612) 673-2208

Ward 9- Alondra Cano- (612) 673-2209

Ward 10- Lisa Bender- (612) 673-2210

Ward 11- John Quincy- (612) 673-2211

Ward 12- Andrew Johnson- (612) 673-2212

Ward 13- Linea Palmisano- (612) 673-2213

Thanks for taking the time to demand Mayor Hodges and City Council stop trying to block us and let Minneapolis vote.


In solidarity,

Ginger Jentzen

Executive Director, 15 Now Minnesota