Resolution of Support from Walker Church

With the extreme equity gap of Minneapolis, we at Walker Church, as people of faith and as part of the Minneapolis community, believe it time to act and change this injustice.

We formally and publicly endorse the campaign to raise the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15.

  • We will support this with financial contributions. At least once a year, we will take up a special Sunday morning offering. We are open to other ideas of how we can provide direct financial support as well. We will solicit our members for donations to 15 Now.
  • We will offer space for meetings and events free of charge. Except to charge an amount to cover paying our janitor (at a living wage)
  • 15 Now can use Walker Church as endorser on any material or communication
  • We will help disseminate 15Now's messages, news and appeals through our social media accounts, bulletin boards, and public spaces.
  • If 15Now wants to have a speaker from Walker Church at any of their events, or any other kind of representational presence, we will try to provide that.
  • We will encourage our members and allies to participate in 15Now actions of all kinds.