We can't afford to wait

Under a Trump presidency, the fight for $15/hr is more urgent than ever. We cannot wait for Trump to carry out racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-worker attacks before we fight back - we need to build a powerful grassroots movement to fight Trump’s agenda. That means mobilizing now to win gains for working people.

The fight for a $15/hr minimum wage is one part of the fight to #ResistTrump - a fight for single-payer health care, taxation on millionaires like Trump, free public college, full rights for immigrants and women, and more.

In one week, on Tuesday, 11/29 at 4:30pm, join families, students, and workers to send a message to the Minneapolis City Hall and the University of Minnesota: We can’t afford to wait - pass $15/hr now!


Students are organizing citywide walkouts
 to #ResistTrump, in solidarity with low-wage workers fighting for $15/hr, and rallying at Coffman Memorial Union at 4:00pm.

68% of Minneapolis supports our proposal to get all Minneapolis workers to $15/hr. The Minneapolis City Council and the University of Minnesota can side with the majority of working people and with immigrants, women, people of color, and the LGBT community -- groups disproportionately affected by poverty wages -- or they can side with the corporate America of billionaires like Trump, where CEOs can make thousands of dollars an hour at the expense of working people. The city’s own study confirms - passing a $15/hr minimum wage would raise wages for 71,000 Minneapolis workers and address some of the nation’s worst racial disparities.


On November 8th, across the country, working people voted to raise the minimum wage everywhere it was on the ballot -- and it’s time for Minneapolis to follow their lead. Join 15 Now Minnesota to build movements to fight against Trump’s agenda and for workers’ rights - join us as a monthly sustainer at $5, $15, or $50/month, and take action for $15/hr on November 29.


Ginger Jentzen
Executive Director, 15 Now Minnesota