We Crushed the Public Input Session

On Saturday, dozens gathered at the city’s Minimum Wage Public Input Session to give their thoughts on the $15 minimum wage. Once again, working people made it crystal clear that we want a $15 minimum wage for all workers as soon as possible. The testimony was 22-1 in favor of $15, and 18 out of the 22 supporters emphasized the need for One Fair Wage of $15 with NO tip penalty, NO youth carve-out, and NO exemptions that leave workers behind.

Since last summer when working people in Saint Paul first took to the streets demanding $15, the city establishment and the Citizens League have tried to slow our momentumby insisting that the issue is “complicated” and “nuanced,” and that we need to do things “the Saint Paul way.” But Saint Paul residents have shown again and again that we already know exactly what policy we need: a $15 minimum wage for all workers as soon as possible. The Saint Paul way is $15 for all, not poverty wages! We’ve taken to the streets, elected pro-$15 candidates, and massively outnumbered those opposed to $15 like we did at Saturday’s input session. These concrete mobilizations are the way we show City Hall that we won’t slow down or accommodate big business’ anti-worker agenda. Instead, we'll keep mobilizing until the last minute to make sure we get the strongest policy possible!