We need your help to keep fighting

The movement for $15/hr is winning big gains for working people.

Our historic victory in Minneapolis in June gave a raise to 71,000 workers. That's $140 million/year into workers' pockets.
Our movement put pressure on Target to raise wages to $15/hour nationwide by 2020. Nearly half a million workers will get a raise.  
In St Paul, we polarized the mayoral race around 15. Now Mayor-elect Carter wants to  pass $15/hour in St Paul by this summer.

But there's so much more to do.

The Chamber of Commerce is suing the City of Minneapolis in an attempt to repeal #15forMpls.
Teamsters at the University of Minnesota are on the verge of striking as the University still refuses to pay $15/hour and fair raises. 
Big Business groups like the Minnesota Restaurant Association are already gearing up to block $15/hour in St Paul.

We need your support to keep up the Fight for 15 in Minnesota. 
Our organization is funded by small donations from working people. We need to raise $5,000 by this March to see through the fight for $15/hour in St Paul. 

We fight for 15 so that working people can make ends meet. Can you help us do the same?