We won't stop until we win $15/hour

At last week's public hearing, we proved that workers won’t stop until we win a $15 minimum wage for Minneapolis, without exemptions. Dozens of courageous janitors, servers, retail workers, homecare & healthcare workers, nurses, education professionals, and supporters flooded the city’s public hearing on the $15 minimum wage. 

More than 100 workers testified, many coming directly from work or during breaks. Despite a campaign of misinformation and intimidation by the Minnesota Restaurant Association, backed by the Chamber of Commerce, servers supporting #1FairWage of $15 with no tip penalty outnumbered the opposition.

After years of fighting to end poverty wages in Minneapolis, we’ve made it clear that city council can’t stall us out, distract us, or deny us the $15/hour minimum wage we’ve been fighting for.

But the fight isn’t over. City hall is still proposing a policy that would leave young workers behind with a 90-day training wage for workers under 20 years old. While the current proposal being discussed includes a larger increase in the first year for big business, which means immediately raising wages for thousands of workers, they’re still proposing a five-year phase in for big corporations like McDonald’s!

Call and email your city council member and tell them that you want $15 with no exemptions for tipped or young workers, and that big business can pay $15 now!

Join us on Wednesday, June 28th at 9:30 at City Hall to defeat any corporate carve-outs council might bring forward as amendments. We have power in numbers. Can’t make it? Donate $15 to help with the final push to win #15forMpls!

Our movement is building momentum and we’re in the final week to win #15forMinneapolis. When we organize, we can win.


15 Now MN