With $15, we reject the race to the bottom

Minneapolis is about to join a growing list of cities and states going to a $15 minimum wage. Our $15 movement is winning across the country in spite of the billionaire backed federal administration. 

Recently, the Illinois legislature passed a proposal for $15, and it’s currently sitting on the Governor’s desk. The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic party, including Congressman Keith Ellison, is supporting a federal $15/hour minimum wage bill. And once we win $15 in Minneapolis, we’ve no doubt we’ll be leading the region, inspiring workers in St. Paul and across the metro area to build movements to spread the $15/hr victory.

What’s the key to challenging the status quo? Building independent movements. Working people can win material gains -- whether it’s the minimum wage, paid parental leave or #Medicare4All -- using organizing, protests, strikes actions, and democratic organizations that reject corporate influence. We can shift the balance of power back into the hands of working people, not corporations-- $15 is just the beginning.

Help us take $15 to victory in Minneapolis and spread 15 Now across the Twin Cities. 
Donate $15 now: every donation goes toward printing leaflets, posters, and hosting public meetings that making it possible for our movement to have a broad discussion on what working people need to live, not just survive. Together, we are stronger than big business propaganda.

Join us on Thursday, June 22nd, 3:00pm at City Hall to share why you support #15forMpls. 

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