Workers Reject Trump's Agenda


Four years ago, on November 29, 2012, striking fast food workers boldly demanded $15/hr. Since then, low-wage workers have won $62 billion/year in raises. This Tuesday, workers took to the streets in a day of action to send a message to Minneapolis’ City Hall: Resist Trump’s anti-worker agenda. Pass a $15/hr minimum wage for all Minneapolis workers - NOW!

We need to mobilize a grassroots wall of resistance to fight Trump’s racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Winning $15/hr is more urgent than ever.

Can you donate $15, $50, or $100 to organize mass protests to #ResistTrump and win a $15/hr minimum wage?

As the day of action showed, Minneapolis workers will keep fighting to build the pressure to win $15/hour. The day kicked off with a 5:30am strike action at the McDonald’s on 24th and Nicollet. 21 striking fast-food workers and supporters were arrested in an act of civil disobedience to demand $15 and a union. Ryan Timlin, a bus driver and member of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005, explains why he took arrest:

“I see low wage workers struggle to pay bus fare all the time, while the CEOs of the companies they work for are making thousands of dollars an hour. My arrest is minor compared to the workers putting their jobs on the line by going on strike today. I have a union to protect me at work, to fight for better wages, and also to protect against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We need to rebuild a fighting labor movement to boldly challenge corporate politics and lead the resistance against Trump’s agenda. A win for these workers is a win for the working class as a whole.”


Ryan Timlin engaging in civil disobedience alongside 15 Now director Ginger Jentzen. 15 Now organizer Tyler Vasseur - a former Jimmy John’s worker and one of the low-wage workers who sued the City of Minneapolis for blocking $15 from the ballot - also took arrest.



The day of action culminated with hundreds rallying at the University of Minnesota and marching to the Dinkytown McDonald’s to build the resistance against Trump and demand $15/hr for all workers.

Trump has already lined up a cabinet of racist, establishment, ultra-conservative figures. Just today, he confirmed a former Goldman Sachs partner and hedge fund manager to head the department of Treasury. If there was any doubt before, all signs point to a government prepared to protect the interests of the 1% and unleash an onslaught of attacks on working people from the very start.

We need to mobilize now to win gains for working people and prepare to fight back against GOP attacks! Here are a few ways you can build the movement to resist Trump and win a $15/hr minimum wage:  

1. Donate today to support 15 Now Minnesota, or join 15 Now Minnesota today as a monthly sustaining donor.

2. Call your City Council member and Mayor Hodges (612-673-2100) right now to let them know we need $15/hr! Tell them:

“Hi, my name is (your name). I live at (your address) and I’m calling to say that leadership looks different in a Trump world: you need to take a stand and fight for $15/hr for every worker. 68% of Minneapolis and the city’s own study support a $15 minimum wage. Republicans are already pushing Trump’s anti-worker policies: We can’t afford to wait. Don’t side with Trump. Pass $15 now!”

3. Save the date! “Fighting for $15/hr under Trump: 15 Now Member Meeting.” Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 1:00-3:00pm. CWA Local 7200 Union Hall - 3521 E Lake St, MPLS.

4. Mass mobilization for inauguration day protests to reject Trump’s agenda and demand pro-worker policies like a $15/hr minimum wage!